December 31

'Sparkling' grape juice.
Happy New Year to all!

December 30

I can get my ring on my finger! What an accomplishment!! It's still a little snug, but I can get on :)

December 29

Date night!
Mom offered to watch the boys so Matt and I could go out. Gotta take advantage when you can, right! Thanks mom :)

December 28

I haven't stepped foot outside my house since the day before Christmas. Matt took me to Target so I could get out and grab a few things we needed. I still haven't driven since the boys were were born.

December 27

Because we missed out on The Roof this year, I decided to make chocolate mousse in facny glasses at home. I think it was a hit!

December 26

Matt was super excited about his lego bug he got for Christmas. He put it together in just 7 hours (no breaks). He's just a 'big kid' trapped in a grown-up's body.

December 25

Merry Christmas!
Our first Christmas as a family of 4.

December 24

Santa came!

December 23

The boys are still under their birth weight, so we are having to supplement their diet with formula. This is making feeding time interesting (and LONG).

December 22

Yay! Mom and Dad hung up the curtains up in the boys room. Thanks!!!

December 21


December 20

Tummy time.

December 19

Dad just got here and he brought the snow from UT. That really wasn't necessary...

December 18

Toffee popcorn with chocolate drizzle. YUM!

December 17

Glow worm
Jonas in his 'bili-blanket'.

December 16

I've been able to watch the sun rise the past few mornings. I think I'm gonna need a nap.

December 15

Jonas + Eli + Elliott
Oh boy! Do I forcast tons of trouble from this threesome! Eli is one day shy of 4 weeks older than the twins. They are SO tiny!

December 14

Grandma's in baby heaven! She's got Elliott here.

December 13

Ready to go home for the first time.

December 12

Welcome! Jonas and Elliott!
(Well, they were actually born last night, but I was too 'out of it' for a photo...)

December 11

Cutting it close!
Mom got into town last night, just in time for me to go into labor today. She's SO excited, can you tell?

December 10

We got our tree up! Yes, we are only putting up the inflatable tree up this year... Not sure if I have the energy to put up the 'real' one :(

December 9

Finally!!! My new rocker for the nursery came in! Maybe I can get a few Z's now...

December 8

Mmm... Christmas popcorn!

December 7

I'm in LOVE with this scent for the holidays!!!

December 6

Finally! I've got these photos up in our bathroom. I've been meaning to get them hung for almost a year now (eek!!!). Thanks, Matt for the help!

December 5

The Barnes & Noble magazine rack + Starbucks hot cocoa (or caramel apple cider) = fun date night with hubby!

December 4

I got a good deal on wrapping paper today. Now I just need to finish all the shopping!

December 3

Fun (and long... these things take a lot of time!) evening of card making with friends.

December 2

Ok, mom. I finally read it. I might need to read a couple chapters again though...

December 1

New tradition :)

November 30

Albums, albums everywhere! 'Tis the album season. I can't wait for my clients to see them!

November 29

I almost made it through this pregnancy without getting sick. Too bad my luck isn't that great. I'm suffering from a yucky head cold. As if sleeping right now wasn't hard enough :(

November 28

Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
To kick off the Christmas season Matt and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert with some friends. What a fun show! They played for over 2 hours. Lots of rockin' guitar and head-banging violin playing. If you have the chance to see them you should.

November 27

A fridge full of leftovers. Yum!

November 26

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. I think our total attendance was 15. We had 2 turkeys a ham and a million delicious side dishes (thank you to everybody that brought all the yummy food!). I think the most intriguing dish was the deep fried turkey. It was the best tasting turkey ever! This is Phil carving the beast. One of the best parts was that it only took 30 min to cook! It took a lot of prep, but totally worth it.

November 25

Mmm, apple pie!
Today I've been baking, baking, baking getting ready for the big day.

November 24

Cat nap.

November 23

Edward was at the movie theater today too. I'd give the movie 3 stars.

November 22

I've been trying to keep my HUGE ankles covered these days and church is a hard place to keep them covered (most (well, all) of my boots won't fit). So, I remembered my cowboy boots and remembered them being kinda roomy... I tried to put them on, but even they wouldn't fit :( sad! I can't wait to get my feet back!

November 21

These old VW tires have been sitting in our driveway for quite some time. I wonder if they'll ever find a new home?

November 20

Miami-Homestead. Last race of the season. Timothy Peters in front with a green-white-checker. He finished in 4th (because of old tires), but not a bad way to wrap up the 2009 racing season.

November 19

Mmm... Toffee!
This was my first attempt at candy making. I think it turned out pretty darn good and super tasty!

November 18

My holly bush by the garage has cute red berries all over it (it didn't last year...). How festive!

November 17

The boys are going to LOVE these cute little booties made by their 'aunt' Lisa. I still can't believe you made these, Lisa! You are amazing!

November 16

Little Eli is here! 2 days old today. I just have to say that my friend Angie is a rockstar!!! She went to her son's football game in the morning, ate a nice lunch with her fam, had an evening walk with her hubby, then went to the hospital and had her sweet little boy 2 and 1/2 hours later. She's my hero! I want a delivery like that.

November 15

We visited 2 friends at the hospital today that both just had baby boys (so cute...). When we walked out the sun was setting and this maple tree looked like it was on fire with this light hitting it like it was. Very cool.

November 14

Birthday girl!!
Audrey is 1 today! Happy birthday pretty girl :)

November 13

I've been making freezer meals for when the babies come. This is baked ziti with spinach and ricotta. Yum.

November 12

Pretty sunset! You could almost see the blue sky this evening.