April 30

It's hard to edit and work on the computer when my monitor looks like this! I guess it's time for a new one :(

April 29

This is my friends Stephanie's new puppy Koda. He's so cute and fluffy.

April 28

These shrubs in my front yard have never flowered before... Glad they are now! I'm loving the little white blossoms!

April 27

This is how I found Jonas today after one of his naps :)

April 26

These are definitely 'daddy-approved' outfits!

April 25

I LOVE grilling season!

April 24

Today was my first wedding since the boys were born. This is the giant chandelier in the lobby of the Westin downtown Charlotte. I had a few minutes while I waited for the groom and groomsmen to arrive. It was a great wedding, minus the rain that pulled the outdoor ceremony inside :(

April 23

My green pepper plant may actually bear fruit! Yay!

April 22

I'm SO in love with this photo! Jonas is such a doll!

April 21

Loaded up!
I don't think I could have fit much more in this grocery cart. It had been a while since I'd gone shopping.

April 20

He's trying SO hard to grab those toes. Not quite yet...

April 19

Back in the saddle again! I finally found the motivation needed to start shedding some pounds. Bring on the pool season!

p.s. Happy 1st birthday Truman!

April 18

A friendly hello.
Matt's friend, Nick, stopped by today to show off his newly finished VW project.

April 17

Good grub!
We spent the evening with some friends celebrating a belated birthday. Thank you Nathan for the great food and thank you Stephanie for getting older so we could have a chance to celebrate :)

April 16

An unwelcomed guest was trying to make a home in my front entry. Don't worry, I quickly stopped his homemaking and 'took care' of this guest. I REALLY hate spiders and bugs and creepy crawly things - especially when they are in my house!

April 15

Lunch with Stephanie!
She's an awesome friend and a fellow photo-a-day-er (her stuff is here). It's nice to spend Tax Day chillin' and hanging out with friends, knowing that your refund is already tucked safely away in your bank account :)

April 14

Jonas has learned a new trick. He will lay flat on his back with his feet straight up in the air. he isn't grabbing his toes yet, but I think it won't be too long til he does.

April 13

We transplanted this from our front yard to the side to hide the AC units. Hopefully it won't die...

April 12

I LOVE Elliott's smile!

April 11

'My name is Iron Man!'
Will LOVES Iron Man. Can you tell???

April 10

Snoozing in the carseats.

April 9

Marissa rocked her photo session today!

April 8

Elliott's playing in Eli's excersaucer. I think he's getting the hang of it :)

p.s. Happy birthday Presley!

April 7

Nothing like an 8 am dental appointment to get you going in the morning. I'm actually feeling much better. I needed to get a filling fixed, so yes there was drilling, but my mouth is much happier now.

April 6

Elliott looks just like his daddy, but Jonas looks just like his cousin Audrey ( see here, here, here, here and here, oh, and here. um, and here). Miss Audrey is 1 year and 1 month older than my boys. Funny enough Audrey and her momma and me and my boys recovered in the same room at the hospital room right after they were all born (but it was a pretty small hospital, so it wasn't that big of a coincidence).

April 5

It's time for Spring allergies!
Check out all the pollen that has been settling on my newly stained deck. YUCK!

April 4

Happy Easter!

April 3

Elliott's trying out the Johnny Jump-Up. I don't think they are quite ready for it yet.

April 2

Well, except for bringing the grill and table and chairs back up on the deck. Maybe Matt cane help me do that tomorrow. (How come I can sand and stain the deck but I can't clean and organize my office...???).

April 1

Me vs. The Deck
Stage 2: Staining
DONE!!!! No foolin'!

March 31

Happy birthday to Matt! 31 on the 31st.
We enjoyed a nice (rushed... ask Patrick...) dinner at Tijuana Flats.