February 28

We were at Kristin & Patrick's for dinner. The food was super yummy, especially this banana pudding, that I didn't get a photo of before it began to get devoured.

February 27

Hanging with Elliott. His face is starting to fill out a bit.

February 26

Thanks, Grandma for the cute play yard.

February 25

Matt's watching the boys so I can go check out the Mothers-of-Multiples consignment sale.

February 24

Love the flat rate boxes and the fact that you can print your own USPS labels at home (you actually SAVE money this way too) so you don't have to wait in line at the Post Office.

February 23

Watching mom cook dinner.

February 22

The boys can't quite hold their heads up all the way. But, they are trying SO hard!

February 21

Jonas & Elliott's blessing day. And family photo # 2.
(you really ARE getting good at this photography thing, Mom!)

February 20

Project # 3: Light for the dinning room.
Thanks Dad!

February 19

Project # 2: mantel art
Thanks for the idea, Mom. I LOVE how this turned out!!!

February 18

I know this is a bad habit, but the boys love to nap in the swings.

February 17

My new sunglasses. Courtesy, Kyle Busch Motorsports.

February 16

Mom and I took the boys to the movies today. They actually did really well! We saw Valentine's Day.

February 15

Mmm... Chocolate and jewelry. Thanks honey!

February 14

Jonas is trying to figure out what he thinks of the bumbo.

February 13

Mom's Valentine's Day flowers.

February 12

I always have projects I need help with when my parents are around. One of the projects for this visit is a huge picture wall in one of my hallways. We are just laying out all the frames to make sure everything looks great.

February 11

Elliott loves his swing.

p.s. Happy birthday Lincoln!

February 10

The boys still hate bath time. At least they have really cute towels :)

February 9

Mom is in love with these pickles (the no sugar added part...), but she can't find then in UT, so she bought a bunch to take home in her suitcase.

February 8

Yay! Mom got in today. She helping change diapers in the car.

February 7

LOVING this photo! Thanks, Clair for coming over and taking photos of us :)

p.s. Happy birthday Gregg!

February 6

The view of our neighborhood from Matt's new shop. Shortest commute ever! I'm just a little nervous about when they get the dynos up and running...

February 5

Lunch date at Chick-fil-A. Let's see 3 girlfriends = 9 kids (8 of which were boys (poor Marissa) and 4 were under 3 months) = CRAZY, but fun :)

p.s. Happy birthday Mom!!!

February 4

What is it about McDonald's Diet Coke that makes it far more superior than all other Diet Cokes?

February 3

Elliott found his fingers today.

February 2

It's so hard to clip the boys finger nails, they are super squirmy.

February 1

I've been having this HORRIBLE headache lately. I think it's from nursing the boys, so it's not likely to go away any time soon...