September 30

Kyle's (Busch that is...) fiance gave this bib to the boys.  She said she needs to find another so that they each can have one.  Thanks Sam :)

September 29

Oh my!  These little squares are PURE EVIL.  Sara of Our Best Bites is definitely in the doghouse for posting this recipe.  It is WAY TOO easy to make.  The recipe is found here, but don't get mad at me if you get fat...  it's Sara's fault...

September 28

The boys just LOVE their daddy!  They get SO excited whenever they see him.  Their favorite thing to do is to crawl all over him when he gets home from work.

September 27

Rub-a-dub-dub, two little boys in the tub!
I decided that it was time to start having the boys take their bath together (you know, save me a little time...).  It went fairly well, although, I was completely soaked by the end of it all.

September 26

Today I made a baby shower cake for a friend.  It white cake, chocolate cream filling with whipped buttercream icing.  This is probably one of my favorite cake combinations.

September 25

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Hill!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!

September 24

Eli got to come over today and hang out with us while his mom went to school to hang out with her other kiddos.  It was fun having another little crazy monkey over.  Unfortunately he didn't take a very good nap, but he and the boys sure had a great time tearing it up.

September 23

Ah, the 8th Street Studio!  I have missed you!!!  And so has my sad, sad powerhouse.  It's time for some Pilates to whip my body back into shape.

September 22

A box came in the mail today for the boys.  It was some FSU gear from Matt's aunt and uncle.  They needed to make sure their team was represented on the boys as well as the other FL team.  We just say the boys will wear whatever the sponsors send over ;)

September 21

My friend Clair lives in this totally cute, very old farm house.  I went over for a visit to take photos of her sweet little family.  This is her front porch.  I love how charming it is.

September 20

Tonight daddy installed the baby gat for the stairs.  Now the boys can play all they want up in the cat-walk hallway.

September 19

Kristin and her kiddos blowing out her candles.   Ssshhhh...  she's 29... (for the first time).  Sylvia made delicious chicken enchilada soup and black bottom cupcakes (i have a HUGE weakness for these cupcakes myself...  if you all remember...).  And I made a fabulous red velvet cheesecake.  It turned out awesome.  Thanks for getting older Kristin so we could have a reason to get together and party :)

September 18

Another Kyle Busch victory.  Matt got a nice spot on TV.  That's him on the left of the screen high fiving the team.

p.s.  Happy birthday Kristin!

September 17

Thanks Jenny!  So far I have lost 17 lbs and 11.5 inches!  I've still got a bit more to go, but I am feeling great :)

September 16

Is it a spider?  An ocotopus?  No...  it's octobaby! (no...  not octo-mom!)
Haha.  The boys fit in the swings at the park much better when they share the swing.  We had a great time today at the park with Angie & Eli, Leah & Tucker and Jo & Braden & Adleigh.  The weather is finally getting bearable so bring on the park dates.

September 15

And here's Elliott with the ball twirling toy.  I just realized that this is the same pose and same location as yesterday...  Sorry for the lack of creativity.

September 14

Before she left grandma got the boys a couple new toys.  Here is Jonas sporting daddys hat and the shape sorting toy.  Thanks grandma!

September 13

Tonight Kyle Busch threw his team a party for the triple victory in Bristol.  We enjoyed the night out thanks to Andrea and Jeff.  The food was great, but the desserts left a bit to be desired.

p.s.  I had to take mom to the airport this morning.  We are missing you already!  Come back soon.

September 12

Matt's new ride.  This is a much more appropriate pick-up for him :)

September 11

Yay for picture day!
Today was my 'Fall Mini Session' day.  I had a great turn out.  It rained on and off all day, but I got all the families photographed and I can't wait to start editing all these photos.  Thanks to all who participated!  I'm thinking about doing this again for Halloween pics.  What do you all think about that?

September 10

Yay!  I've finally been out on Lake Norman for the first time since moving here nearly 3 years ago!  The boys did awesome.  They just sat in their bumbos and enjoyed all the attention.  Thanks so much Scott and Heather!

p.s.  Happy birthday Kim!  Miss you tons!

September 9

It's been SO nice having mom around.  This little guy is getting into EVERYTHING!

September 8

Elliott is a rockstar eater.  Check out how big he opens his mouth!  I'm SO thankful my boys are such good eaters.

September 7

We are finially getting around to some baby-proofing at our house.

September 6

I'm pretty sure that says 'Krista'... (this cake makes me feel better about my cake-handwritting skills)  Thanks for the super yummy birthday cake honey!  Matt originally wanted to get an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins (you know, 31 flavors...  for my 31st (I mean, 29th) birthday), but they were having all kinds of difficulties and mis-information, so this one came from Cold Stone and it was awesome!!  And thanks for all who came to my birthday cake eating party :)

September 5

Jonas is SO excited to help daddy put together my birthday present (ikea...).

September 4

Thanks mom for the beautiful flowers!  I'll try not to kill them :)

p.s.  Happy birthday ME!

September 3

Elliott's smile melts my heart :)

September 2

Today we had a fun photo shoot with apples.  In my book apples = fall :)

September 1

Not sure what the appeal is...  but these two love to play with/on/around the diaper caddy.