April 27

Three a day.
Doctors orders. I'm not kidding at all here (isn't that the weirdest thing you've ever heard???). Don't have to twist my arm :-)

April 26

Water logged.
My flash decided to go for a swim last night at a wedding I was shooting (we were shooting some fab photos on the boat dock). It literally just jumped right off my hot shoe into Lake Norman! I had to jump in and save it. Many thanks to the groom for helping me. Will it live to light another wedding? (FYI, this is this particular flash's second suicide attempt in the last month or so... maybe I should call a hotline...).

April 25

I bought myself some spring flowers. So pretty.

April 24


April 23

Sorting through photos for the new website. Gosh, there's a lot.

April 22

That two weeks went WAY to quick. I miss you already.

April 21

What bed rest looks like.

April 20

Pasta carbonara.

April 19

Me: testing lighting for a shoot.

April 18

That time of year...

April 17

A new leaf.

April 16

I really hate bugs and creepy-crawly things.

April 15

'Tax Day' special at Chick-fil-a caused quite the line up at the drive through window.

April 14

Flowers in a rain storm.

April 13

Yum. You can make it at home :)

April 12

Easter cake.
Nanny's pound cake with strawberry filling. Boy was it tasty!

April 11

It takes two to drum like Lars on Guitar Hero: Metallica.

April 10

Privacy. After 14 months we finally got 'real' window coverings.

April 9


April 8

Now I look cute at the Pilates studio.

April 7

New Favorite.
Passion Iced Tea (unsweetened, with 2 packs of Splenda). Yum!

April 6

This is the last empty room in our house to gain a purpose. It's now Matt's office (does this mean he can 'work' from home now???? hahaha, wishful thinking...).

April 5

Current meds: 2 morning injections, 2 evening injections, 3 morning pills and 1 evening pill. I feel like a pin cussion!

April 4

Matt, taking care of the jungle that is our lawn.

April 3

Opening night.

April 2


April 1

I can tell time now :)