November 30

This massage was SO needed and SO over do.  Thanks, Deb for the wonderful massage and a very big thanks to Angie for watching the boys!!

November 29

I really need to get to the grocery store...  I just haven't wanted too since all the Thanksgiving craziness.  So, we had pizza on tortillas for dinner.  Not too shabby...

November 28

Shhhh!  I've been experimenting with cutting paper on my Cricut Cake...  It totally works!  I just had to buy the sticky mat and a new blade.  Yay!  Christmas came early!!

November 27

Jonas pulled my camera off the table, unfortunately my flash was still attached and the hot shoe broke :(  That Jonas sure knows how to spend money...  Sheesh!

November 26

Just hanging out with dad.

November 25

They did it again.  Another year, another fried turkey.  YUM!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This year I am thankful that I am NOT pregnant...  I can actually fit some food in my belly!  Bring on that apple pie :)

November 24

You can ALWAYS assume this is what I'll be up to the day before Thanksgiving...
Don't tell dad, but I'm kinda switching up the recipe a little.  A 'mash-up', if you will, of my grandma's recipe and AB's Super Apple Pie recipe.  We'll just have to see how it turns out...

November 23

I LOVE that my boys got to be around 7 pm!  That means there is still enough time to go have a fun movie night with the gal pals and a fairly decent nights sleep before the circus resumes :)

November 22

Did a little shopping at Birkdale this afternoon.  The weather was amazing!  And I just love how festive everything is beginning to look.  I bought a quiche pan and some new shoes for the boys (50% off Pedipeds at Payton's Closet!  Nice!).

November 21

The view from my front porch.  What a pretty sunset tonight!

November 20

I really should stop trying to take my 'big' camera into shows.  I've never succeeded.  So, this was taken with my phone.  Matt and I went to the Fillmore to see Ben Folds tonight.  That was a big item on Matt's bucket list and Ben did not disappoint!  What a great show!  And Matt and I were able to squeeze into the 2nd row for the entire performance.  The Fillmore is my favorite venue I've seen a show at.  Nice, clean and fairly small and intimate.  Jonas has the same piano-rocker stance Ben has.  We'll need to get that boy some piano lessons soon :)

November 19

Clair and Beaux came over this evening to bake a cake.  Clair's fam is coming in town tomorrow and it was her dad's birthday today.  We made a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  Clair only has wood floors at her house, so she was taking advantage of our carpet/rugs and getting in some good snuggles with Beaux.

November 18

Colds suck!  Here's to hoping it goes away quick.

November 17

Mmm...  Cheerios.  Personally I think Cheerios are gross, but I'm glad the boys like them.  Cheaper than puffs and good for your heart (or so the box says...).

November 16

Have you seen these?  SO cute!  I think they just taste like regular marshmallows, but they are way cuter.  I hear the there are Gingerbread Man ones too.  I'll have to get my hands on some of those too.

November 15

Both my boys are such good smilers!  I love a nice big goofy grin from either of them :)

November 14

Today is Eli's 'actual' birthday.  Our family was lucky enough to be able to party with him again at his 'family party'.  This is the cake I made for his monkey/jungle themed party.  It's white cake with chocolate cream and banana filling with whipped butter cream icing and gum paste/fondant decorations.  Oh, and pirouette cookies (super yum!).  This cake was so amazing...  I now have NO IDEA how I'm going to top it for the boys birthday...?!?!?!?!  I should have held back a bit huh?!  Hahaha :)

p.s.  Also a huge happy birthday shout out to our neice Audrey!  Turning 2 this year!

November 13

I know I keep posting scenery pics...  but this Fall has been SO BEAUTIFUL!
Today I had 2 awesome family shoots at Freedom Park down in Charlotte.  I can't wait to start editing all these amazing photos!

November 12

Yay!  Today was Max & Eli's birthday party.  We all had a fun time celebrating 1 year with them.  Right here they aren't quite sure what to think of the party hats, but boy they when to town on the cupcakes presented to them later.  Yum!

Happy birthday to you both!!

November 11

Wakey, wakey.  The boys had a fun time playing in the crib after their afternoon nap today.  I love how happy they are when they wake up.

p.s.  Today the boys are 11 months old.  They are 11 months on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year.

November 10

What a day!  This little guy caused me quite a bit of grief today...  Well, this is the replacement, so I'm sorry I take it back.  I had a super early morning shoot down in Charlotte.  The boys and I had to leave the house by 6:45 am.  I got us all up and ready to go and in the car, however, the car wasn't on board.  Luckily, Matt hadn't quite left for work so he helped me jump start the car.  I drove the hour to Matt's parents house with the cars electronic feature flickering all the way.  A little scary, but we made it.  I barely made it to the school I was shooting at in time.  The shoot went wonderfully, but I needed another jump to get my memory card to the office.  There at the office, I needed another jump, but the car wasn't cooperating.  Finally, we got it started and I was finally able to get to the repair shop to see about the battery (or was it the alternator...?  or the starter...?  or something worse...?).  After 2 hours it was decided that it was just the battery.  Luckily, the battery was still under warranty, so all I had to pay was $16 to have it put in.  The problems could have been way worse, but I'm just happy that today is over.

November 9

I spent the evening photographing the fabulous Cook family at Davidson College.  Both the scenery and the weather were amazing!  I can't wait to start editing these photos.

November 8

Ooo, Ooo...  Eeee, Eeee!  Monkey's everywhere.  I'm working on some decorations for Eli's 1st birthday cake.

November 7

Elliott's got his eyes on the cakes I'm making.  Mmm... cake...

November 6

Jonas's chompers update.  No, Elliott doesn't have any yet...

November 5

Mmmm...  'Cheat day' is SO yummy!

November 4

Our new ride.
Our new stroller came in today.  After we picked it up I thought we needed to give it a try, so we stopped at the mall and did a little window shopping.  I'm loving it!  It's so smooth and much easier to maneuver.

November 3

I let the boys play in the halway this morning while I was doing a couple things on the computer.  After a few minutes I noticed that everything had gotten really quiet...  Then, I remembered that I had left the bathroom door open...  Sure enough, the boys had found the toilet and were splashing in the toilet bowl.  YUCK!  I was totally grossed out, but I still had to run and grab the camera for a pic.

November 2

Doing my civic duty.
A big thank you to Leah for watching the boys so I didn't have to take them with me :)

November 1

The boys are loving these new car toy from Gigi & Papa.  Thank you!!