October 31

Happy Halloween!
These Candy Corn Cupcakes were so much fun to make. And fun to eat :)

October 30

Got the new pack-n-play set up for the boys (thank you, Sylvia). Do you think I need 2??? Or can I get by with 1?

October 29

Hehe... I do!
Love this new campaign Bare Escentuals is running for their new make-up line.

October 28

This is the prettiest diaper cake I've ever seen! Thanks to Kim and Angie for a fabulous baby shower. Everything was amazing! And thanks to everyone who came, it was SO good to see you all!!! The boys are excited for all their new stuff :)

October 27

Creepy-crawly Halloween decor at the ward Trunk-or-treat.

October 26

YAY!!! So excited for Mom, Becka and Lincoln to be here :) Poor Linc had a hard time on the last flight.

October 25

Woa! I'm on here twice this week :) Thanks, Clair, for taking our pic's today!!! To see them ALL go here.

October 24

Kim, meet Canon.
I spent a couple hours helping a friend get acquainted with her new camera this morning. More lessons to come.

October 23

I picked up some take-out for date night with me, myself and I.

p.s. Happy birthday Tara!!

October 22

Crafty project:
Cute, magnetic, dry-erase note board.

October 21

Twins: 29 weeks.
9 more to go :)

October 20

Because I didn't think the 4 needle pokes (from my 2nd glucose tolerance test) I had this morning was enough, I decided to wait in line for 2 hours at the Charles Mack Citizen Center to get my H1N1 vaccine. Hmm...

October 19

I hate it when I don't bring a shopping list to Costco. I will always forget something. I REALLY needed to pick up some ziplock freezer bags. Oops.

October 18

TA-DAH! My amazingly clean and organized office... Even you would be proud mom (my drawers are clean and organized). It's even complete with fresh vacuum marks ;) Let's hope I can keep it like this.

October 17

'Fancy date night' took us here. And it was YUM! Might I suggest the filet with the goat cheese butter bearnaise (yum), the onion rings, the white cheddar au gratin potatoes and the bananas foster bread pudding (well, we actually didn't get this... there was just no room left, but I SO wanted it, maybe next time).

October 16

My feet have been so sad and swollen lately. In the middle of my 'nesting', I decided they needed a bit of pampering :)

October 15

Today I hit the 'nesting' phase of pregnancy. Let's hope I can get a lot done! Today, I organized the laundry room (shown), the butler's pantry and got started on my messy, messy office.

October 14

Just what the doctor ordered!

October 13

Me and Miss Audrey waiting on our food at the fab restaurant Tenders. My friend Kim has called Tenders the In-n-Out of chicken tenders. All they serve is chicken tenders (fried or grilled), french fries, drinks, and shakes. They don't believe in freezers and cut their potatoes fresh before they fry them up. This place is definitely a keeper!

October 12

Lovin' this new keyboard! SO sleek! The only bummer is that you couldn't get the one with the 10 key as a wireless... Oh well, I still love it!

October 11

Matt did SO much on the lawn this week! He mowed, aerated and seeded both front and back. Thank you for all your hard work honey!!!

October 10

So happy the rain held off for todays wedding! It was the perfect fall weather, not too hot with a slight breeze :)

October 9

Matt and Sparco, chillin' and watching some TV. It's so funny how this cat likes to sprawl out on his back.

October 8

The boys are going to loves these snuggly soft blankies from their 'auntie' Kim! I love them too, can I get one in adult size?

October 7

Shopping for a rocker for the nursery.

October 6

The trees are starting to turn here. This is my maple in the front.

October 5

New! Yay!

October 4

What's Conference weekend without an all-out breakfast smorgasbord? Thanks, Kim for hosting the 'party'. This was my offering, home-made cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing.

October 3

This is delicious! I got this party mix recipe from Kristin (here). My favorite is the cheez-it's with the sugary caramel baked on them :) You should all give this one a try!

October 2

We had dinner with Matt's family, then decided on a whole family outing to Target. Tom got put in charge of keeping the kids entertained. Will is pretending to be camera shy right here.

October 1

U2 has landed!
I've never seen quite an elaborate stage set-up before. It was a great show!!!