August 30

Mmm... cookies! The only thing better is the dough :)

August 29

New product. This came highly recommended by Becka. The price wasn't bad either.

August 28

Miss Audrey. I was lucky enough to get 2 visits in 1 week.

August 27

Look at all the possibilities! Gigi wants to make the boys baby blankets, so we went on a yarn date to pick out yarn for the projects. They are going to be SO cute. I can't wait to see them. Coordinating green-brown-cream and blue-brown-cream in a zigzag pattern!

August 26

Matt and I enjoyed some deliciously greasy food at The Penguin after today's ultrasound. The Penguin is located in the Elizabeth neighborhood in Charlotte and was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the food network a while back. Matt loved these chili cheese fries, but I LOVED my hand-dipped corn dog, yummy!

August 25

Double duty! Mom brought me some baby blankets to make for the boys from UT. Thanks!

August 24

Some might not believe me, but this is right in the middle of down town Charlotte! Looks like I just got caught by a train in the middle of podunkville. That's what I love about Charlotte!

August 23

I've been bribing Will into liking me lately. Candy, treats... today it was a present! He's not usually excited when he gets clothes as presents, but I think he liked this one. It was just too cute not to buy.

August 22

Marissa and Dylan, enjoying and early morning game of gigantic checkers at Cracker Barrel.

August 21

I promised Daniel and Adrienne a cake before they headed back to UT. I finally accomplished this on their last day here. White cake with chocolate chips, chocolate icing and chocolate fondant, yum!

August 20

Mom and I went to the movies, while Matt and Dad went go-karting. We saw 'Julie & Julia'. It was pretty good, but it ended a bit abruptly. I was pretty hungry after seeing all the yummy food in the movie :)

August 19

This is what a win looks like! TV cameras, tears and hugs. No, not Matt's team... Donny Lia (who drove for Matt's TRG team last year) won the modified race (right before the NASCAR Truck race) at Bristol. Matt and I were hanging out in his pit for the event. So much great energy surrounds a win, SO fun!

August 18

We don't have a sprinkler system (I REALLY want one but...), so when we need to water the lawn I usually set up the sprinlkers, sit on the front porch, read a book and move them around occasionally. Sometimes I get to view great sunsets like this one. I do love NC!

August 17

Pizza night! A local pizzeria we love will sell you their dough for $2.75 (a large from them, but I think you could make 2 pizzas at home...). We had a blast with friends and family making a variety of different delicious pizzas. It was Monday, so this was followed by the famous (maybe becoming infamous) Monday night Jimenez-Faulkner 'Rock Band Home Evening'.

p.s. Happy birthday Becka!!!

August 16

My OCD coming out... I finally decided to 'fix' all the screws on the light switch and outlet covers today. You see, OCD electricians make sure that all the screw heads are in the up and down position when they are done with a job. My painters did a great job painting, but a terrible job at putting the screws back they way they should be, so I went around the whole house and set them right ;)

August 15

Mom and Dad just flew in to spend the week with us! Lots of plans (including the race this week in Bristol, TN). I love visitors :) especially my family.

August 14

'All you can race'. Friday nights at The Pit from 6 pm to midnight. As much as you can handle for $60. I think Matt got in 11 or 12 races this time, he'll be sore for days. We usually have 'girls night' on such nights. This time I saw 'the Time Traveler's Wife' with Adrienne, but made it to The Pit in time for some photos.

August 13

Matt's helmet has a new 'look'...

August 12

Thai peanut noodles, yum! I kinda merged this recipe with this one. I didn't have a bell pepper, so I put in sugar snap peas instead.

August 11

Woah! Grandma went crazy at the Carter's store. Two of everything preemie to 6 months! Thanks Mom.

August 10

Make-shift 2nd work station in my office. Nice!

August 9

Enjoying the 'Stephanie Plum' diet :)

August 8

Walmart on Saturday = bad idea!
Walmart on Saturday during NC's tax free weekend = REALLY bad idea!

August 7

Yes, that's PM. I think I'm getting too old for the late movie. Maybe I'm just getting too pregnant for the late movie, that sounds better :)

August 6

Hmm... My scanner finally decided to have a 'good day'. I've been trying to scan in my ultrasound photos since Tuesday... I think it's time to get a new one. I've had this one since before my senior year of college (like 7 or 8 years ago...) and it only works occasionally.

August 5

I was 'helping' a friend be good on her 'bed rest'. We watched hours of movies and TV shows. I don't think I've ever watched that much TV in one day, and it'll probably never happen again. The appleTV is awesome! Love it! It was good girl-bonding time too :)

August 4

We had to go down to Charlotte for my ultrasound. My doc sends all 'twin moms' down there for the anatomy scan one... Who knew the appointment would take 2 hours! That was 2 full hours in the room being ultrasound-ed, it didn't include any of the 'waiting' time. Everything is looking great and we found out that both babies are boys (for more go here)!

August 3

'I want to play Eye of the Tiger!'. Dylan is my favorite little rocker!!!

August 2


August 1

Valerie and Jeremy got hitched! Congrats!

July 31

Kim's flowers. I'm SO glad things are going so well!