May 31

We hung out with Matt's fam for Memorial day.  Here's Elliott is playing 'airplane' with Papa. 

May 30

Home again!  All I have to say is that traveling with children is exhausting!  (even if they ARE angel babies on the airplane...)

May 29

As a going away present, Uncle Gregg decided to give Jonas a nice permanent marker dot on Jonas's forehead.  Thanks Gregg...

May 28

The boys got to meet Brooke & Brian today while I enjoyed some In-n-Out.

May 27

My mom has great landscaping al around her house!  I just love these little purple flowers that are out right now.

May 26

I took all the grandkids photos in Grandma's backyard.  These guys are so awesome!

May 25

Gosh, it's SO beautiful up here in the mountains!

May 24

Stella's 2nd birthday cake.  Tara made the cake and Tara, Becka, Camille and I made the cute chocolate butterflies that cover it :).  Happy birthday little bug!

May 23

I'm loving all thes helping hands with the boys!  :)

May 22

Mr. & Mrs. Snider
My good friend Debbie got married today! I had the wonderful privilege of watching them get sealed and photographing their wedding. Congrats to you guys!!!

May 21

I got to see Presley perform her teapot dance in the Alice in Wonderland ballet show. She was adorable in her tutu.

May 20

Jonas is working on crawling. Eeek! He puts his face into the floor and pushes himself with his feet (this is a brand new skill he just learned at Grandma's house). I'm not sure I'm ready for mobile babies.

May 19

The boys flew on an airplane for the first time today. They were ANGELS!!! I can't imagine more well behaved babies on a flight. I am so thankful for their sweet dispositions.

May 18

Elliott is still not quite sure about this bath thing...

May 17

Yes, I'm 30 years old and I still love Lip Smackers :)

May 16

I shot Kelly and Johnny's engagement photos today. The location was AMAZING!!! I think I took more photos than I have at some weddings... the place was just so beautiful!

p.s. Happy birthday Stella! I can't believe she's 2!

May 15

Today was Kim's baby shower (she's expecting 1 boy and 1 girl). This is the cake I made for the shower using my new toy.

May 15

Another photo in the 'tomato chronicles'... These are my cherry tomatoes. They are sure taking a LONG time to grow. I am SO ready to eat me some yummy home-grown 'maters.

May 13

Playing with my new toy!! Thanks, honey, for the Mother's Day gift :) Who out there wants a cake?

May 12

I just love my Jonas!!!

May 11

Yep, I finally caved in and bought these shoes! I LOVE them. The only problem is that they are HUGE! Matt says they won't fit them until they are 12 (years that is...).

May 10

Elliott's not sure what to think of the rice cereal we tried out today.

May 9

Happy Mother's Day!!!

May 8

Jonas has learned how to grab the toys in the play gym. They are getting so big... sniff, sniff, tear...

May 7

Tonight while Matt and I were on a date (yes!!! I said date! (thank you Tom & Sylvia!!)), and my car turned 100,000! I can't believe I've driven this car so many miles. The car had 20,000 when we got it in the summer of 2006. I guess I'm related to my parents and got the 'drive lots and lots' gene from them.

May 6

Today I was trying out making my own home-made fortune cookies. I'm not sure this humid climate is right for making these the right 'crispy-ness'.

p.s. Happy birthday Amber!

May 5

It's ok for me to think my little baby tomatoes are cute, right? Well, I do. And I can't wait to eat them!

May 4

Kristin and I took our kids to the park today for a bit. It was SO hot!!! At least Will is liking me more and more these days :) Maybe it's because I bring him candy and toys...

May 3

Happy Elliott!

May 2

The fixin's for home-made pico de gallo. YUM!

p.s. Happy birthday Dad!

May 1

Happy May Day!
To celebrate, I planted marigolds near my herbs and veggies to help keep the bugs away.