March 30

Full moon on a clear night.

p.s. Happy birthday Tom!

March 29

Jonas, watching mommy make a cake.

March 28

Will loves playing video games. He still doesn't know they require money and thinks that he is playing when it is showing the game preview. Will's mommy hopes to keep it this way for as long as possible :)

March 27

Me vs. The Deck
Stage 1: sanding

March 26

Derby day.

March 25

Easter cupcakes!

March 24

Smiles from Elliott.

March 23

Get excited for strawberry season!

March 22

Thai Coconut Chicken with Basmati Rice.

March 21

Jonas is ready to drive Papa's Mustang. Wanna go fast! Wanna go fast!

March 20

Happy 1st day of Spring! We had 75 degree weather today, so to celebrate my favorite season I planted some herbs. Someday I plan on having a real garden, but I guess I'll just start with these potted herbs. I've got basil, chives, thyme, rosemary and parsley. Can't wait to get cooking!

March 19

We had a fun play date at the park today. We are excited about more warm weather and more days spent at the park :)

March 18

More huge smiles from Jonas :)

March 17

Miss Audrey sporting some green for St. Patty's Day :)

March 16

Spring is in the air! I was shooting children's portraits at First Presbyterian down in Charlotte today and I could help but snap a few shots of the blossoms.

March 15

Too cute! The boys link arms like this a lot when they are laying next to each other.

March 14

Happy Daylight Savings Time!

March 13

Smiles all around! Love it!

p.s. Happy birthday Patrick!

March 12

The boys are still trying to learn how to KEEP the binky in their mouths.

March 11

Trying to teach the boys about saving money. Maybe these super cute piggy banks will help.

March 10

Had to say good-bye to Tara and Stella early this morning :( Miss you guys!
Also, can we please get on with Spring weather already!

March 9

Mmm... Key lime pie ice cream from Bruster's. Can you tell Tara has been looking forward to this?

March 8

Diggin' for gold.
Maybe Stella thought the crayon would be a helpful nose-picking device.

March 7

An unexpected treat from Jonas... Smiles! He actually smiles a lot, but he's pretty camera shy.

March 6

Stella was a little unsure about the babies at first, but it turns out she has quite the mothering instinct. She is always making sure the boys have their binky's and blankets.

March 5

Zonked! Poor Stella was SO tired from traveling all day yesterday she fell asleep right in the highchair.

March 4

Project #1: Picture wall
Done! I would have finished while mom and dad were here, but I had to take a couple photos (mom & dad, Tom & Sylvia, and the Faulkner fam) during their visit and I didn't have the prints in time. It is now complete, no stragglers.

March 3

Happy to have this nice sunset, but the best part is that ALL the snow from yesterday and last night has melted away. Bring it, spring!

March 2

Cousins! Will and Audrey LOVE the boys. Will loves them SO much he is willing to share is toys with them :) He always makes sure that they each have at least 1 toy.

March 1

This is how I do all my banking lately - drive up style.