August 31

Hooray for Grandma!  We are so glad to have Grandma here.  She got in last night and gets to stay with us for 2 weeks and we are all so excited!

August 30

E just chillin' at the pool.  My friend Stephanie invited us over to her pool today.  We had a great time, but I am SO not ready for summer to be over!

August 29

Does this face say mischief or what!?!  I'm so glad my boys love the bath cause I was a little worried at the beginning.  Jonas is SUCH a splasher, I am soaked by the time He's done.  Elliott is much more civilized in the bath.

August 28

Hanging out with my man Tyler!  What a sweet baby he is.  Too bad he's moving away...  :(

August 27

Ah, back in business!  I get my computer all set back up, just to find out that the USB keyboard got zapped too!  Grrr!  At least I had an old keyboard that I can use as a back up until I get down to the Apple Store in Charlotte.

August 26

Uh-oh!  Here comes trouble!  And what kind of mom am I???  I see Jonas got up one step by himself and what do I do???  I grab the camera of course!  I got my pic, then I rescued him.  Hmm...

August 25

Yay, new tires!  We've needed to get these since we got this car.  We got a good deal on them, but me and the boys did have to hang out at the tire place for about 2 hours!  During our stay there Elliott finally learned how to do Jonas's little indian sound trick with his mouth...  haha.

August 24

We went on a fun outing with Aunt Kristin and her kiddos today.  We hit up Ikea and Babies r Us and finished up the day at Olive Garden.  Elliott Enjoyed his time at the OG, but in a totally different way than I did.  I just love that minestrone soup and the  yummy bread sticks :)

August 23

Kneeling is Jonas's new 'thing'.  It doesn't look very comfortable to me, but he can sit like this forever.  He's got great balance.  I bet he's going to be walking sooner rather than later.

August 22

FINALLY!!!  I can talk on my cell phone at home again.  It's been over a month since I've had this luxury.  It only took 3 or 4 service calls to Sprint to get the signal booster working properly...

August 21

Date Night!  Yes, Matt and I finally got a 'real' sitter (thank you Yiselle!!!) and went out on a proper date.  We ran a couple errands (fun, i know...) and went to dinner at 131 Main.  I think I finally learned my lesson and just need to order what Matt does.  I liked my dish, but I liked his more :)

August 20

Hollie, Stephanie and Tyler cam up to NC for a visit.  WE had a great afternood of Chick-fil-A and Hanging out at Tom and Sylvia's house.  Wish you all could stay longer!

August 19

I went over to Kim's today to help pack.  This sucks!!!  Why are you moving away, Kim?  Why?

August 18

And he's off!  I trun around for 2 seconds and Jonas is halfway across the house.  He is SO fast!

August 17

I bought some kid sized ear muffs for the boys so we can get to a race one of these days.  This photo reminds me of a poster that used to hang in my baby brothers room when he was little.  It had a baby in only a diaper wearing some huge headphones rocking out and at the top it said 'Born to be Wild'.

p.s.  Happy Birthday Becka!

August 16

Me and little Emma.  Those Pritchett twins are getting so big.

August 15

Daddy thought the floaty toys would be a fun fort for the boys to play in.  Here's Elliott enjoying the laid back life.

August 14

Jonas is contemplating how he can get up on that stool.  He's not too far off from getting there either!

August 13

These are the pillows I got yesterday at Ikea.  I'm loving them :)  The colors are perfect.

August 12

We had a fun group outing to Ikea today.  In attendance were, me, Jonas, Elliott, Gigi, Papa, Kristin, Will and Audrey.  We can't help but grab an ice cream cone for only $1 on the way out.  Mmm...

August 11

8 months old already!  Time is just flying!

August 10

It has been WAY TO HOT!  This, plus 90% humidity is not good.

August 9

Shopping for a new washing machine.  Yep, the lightening got it too.

August 8

This boy can fall asleep anywhere!  So cute.

August 7

Today I drove up to Lake Lure to shoot Kelly's bridals.  Isn't this a fabulous location!  We took a boat out to the middle of the lake and took pictures against this awesome backdrop.

August 6

Today we went to Bellacino's with Matt's parents and the boys had their first experience in restaurant highchairs.  The food was delish and the boys did great!

August 5

Jonas does this a lot...  He'll just crawl right over the top of Elliott to get at what he wants.

August 4

Jonas loves to splash!  Just look at that concentration.

August 3

Yay!  Girls night!  I went out to the movies (for the second time since the boys were born...) with Kim and her sister and her niece.  We saw Toy Story 3.  What a sweet movie, but I better not blink, these boys are growing up too fast already.

August 2

In honor of the start of Shark Week, I put the boys in their shark outfits and did up Elliott's hair in a mohawk.  I'm loving the look on his face in this photo.

August 1

The Lemmons had us over for dinner today and requested that we bring dessert.  This is what I brought.  White cake with strawberry filling and whipped topping.  Great idea Jenny!  Dinner AND dessert were great :)