June 30

The boys are going to try some veggies today.  Here's hoping they like healthy food!

June 29

Yep, I made another cake.  This one is for Angie's birthday.
(Chocolate cake, almond cream filling, dark chocolate ganache icing with candied almonds on top).

June 28

Ah, my favorite store.  Too bad I was only there to return a pair of shoes that didn't fit right.

June 27

I think Jonas would rather go to church naked...

June 26

Here we are...  Just hanging out on a Saturday night.

June 25

Daddy & daughter.
I was lucky enough to meet the Pritchett twins today (they were born around 1:30 this afternoon and brought straight to the NICU).  This is Daddy hanging out with Emma for the first time.  Tyler's bed is there in the background...
  Good job making some fantastic looking babies Kim!  Congrats on your new family!

p.s.  for lots more photos go to my website and click on 'proofing'.

June 24

Ok, this chocolate frosting was delicious!  I've been searching for a great fudge-y chocolate frosting recipe and I think I've found a winner!  I think it just needs a little tweaking :)

June 23

Beaux Wallace Knox
Little Beaux joined the world on Monday, and me and the boys got to go to the hospital and meet him today.  I'm excited my boys have a new little playmate :)

June 22

This is Elliott fast asleep.  We tried naps without being swaddled for the first time today.  I guess things could have gone worse...

June 21

Matt's car is for sale too.  Call or email if you're interested...

June 20

Happy first Father's Day Matt!  You are an awesome daddy!
Happy Father's Day to you too Dad, I guess you're pretty awesome too...

June 19

It's funny...  The one year we actually spend our anniversary together and go out is the first year we have kids in our family...

Thanks for the past 7 years, honey! 

June 18

I guess it's just what brothers do...

June 17

Jonas goes crazy in the jumparoo!  Check it out here.

June 16

My sooby has been an awesome car, but it's time to move on...

June 15

The boys did much better at the pool today.  No tears at all!  Yay!

June 14

Chillin' with Elliott in the afternoon.

June 13

We hung out with my friend Clair and her hubby a bit tonight.  Clair and Corey are expecting a bouncing baby boy any time now.  Can't wait for playdates!!!  Jonas loved haning out with Corey...  he was facinated by the beard.

June 12

Today was my friend Kim's hubby's birthday party.  Among other yummy treats I made this lemon raspberry cheesecake!  It was delish!

June 11

Oh yum!  I got to eat some of my home-grown 'maters today!

p.s.  Happy half birthday to Jonas and Elliott!!!

June 10

Elliott LOVES the jumparoo!  It makes noise and plays a little tune when he bounces around which makes him just laugh and laugh (also... he's VERY ticklish and gives the best giggles when you tickle his tummy).

June 9

I took the boys swimming today for the first time.  Jonas didn't mind it, but poor Elliott HATED it.  I think we'll be going again next week.  I need to get these boys used to the water!  (they still don't like the bath either...  I'm not sure what's wrong with my children...  I'm seriously wondering if they are mine :)

June 8

Lemon cupcakes with raspberry cream filling.

June 7

Yes friends, I finally have a new car that fits us all much better!  No more driving with my knees touching the dash.  Thank you Sylvia for getting a new car so I could buy your old one :)

June 6

Pretty sunset after a stormy afternoon.

June 5

Here's the finished cake!  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Beautiful and delicious!

June 4

Yay!  I'm on to the decorating part of my big cake project!  I've been having fun with my new Cricut Cake :)

June 3

Stephanie came over to 'cake' with me.  She's making a grand piano cake for her piano recital tonight.

June 2

Gotta love a diet cherry limeade from Sonic to help get you through a hot afternoon :)

June 1

I'm getting started on the big 50th wedding anniversary cake for this weekend.  It's going to be 3 tiers each with 3 layers of cake with Boston cream filling.