March 31

Nanny's pound cake. A request from the birthday boy. Happy birthday, Honey (the big 3-oh!).

March 30


March 29

Chocolate Passion Bowl. Thanks Kristin, that was fabulous!

March 28

Yay! A new pantry.

March 27

Happy feet.

March 26


March 25

Safe to drink.

March 24

Big box of pain.

March 23

The best part (well, one of them...) about Azteca is the little cinnamon crisp you get at the end of your meal.

March 22

Corn hole (aka, bean bag toss).

March 21

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. Very yummy.

March 20

Go time.

March 19

Ready to spring.

March 18

My current meds... stay tuned for next week.

March 17

The back lawn is a complete 180 from what it looked like last spring :)

March 16

Pilates workout. Thanks Kim.

March 15

Audrey - roll over rockstar!

March 14

Four car garage :)

March 13

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (mini, just the right size).

March 12

The first time I've gone to the movies alone.

March 11

Front porch.

March 10

Boys will be boys. Especially if you met in 6th grade.

March 9

New addition.

March 8

I spend WAY too much time in my car (10,000 miles since Christmas).

March 7

Exciting finish.

March 6


March 5

I actually ate a healthy meal here... believe it or not!

March 4

Mobile internet - one of the best inventions ever.

March 3

My first shredder.

March 2


March 1

What to do when it's snowing:
- Wrap yourself in blankets
- Sit by the fire
- Drink hot cocoa