September 30

Ok, I really NEED to go grocery shopping! Maybe tomorrow...

September 29

After a thankfully uneventful day of travel back to NC, it's time to unpack and get back to normal life.

September 28

We (Becka, Mom and I) opted for the Frozzzen Strawberry Supreme instead of the Frozzzen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3 before attending the Lion King performance at Mandalay Bay.

September 27

Becka + Eric + Lincoln
How cute is their family?

September 26

Matt saying 'hi' from the pits at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Mom and I were lucky enough to score seats in the Toyota skybox suite. So thankful for the air conditioning! It was SO hot in Vegas.

September 25

It is SO beautiful in St. George, UT. The red rocks are amazing! I got to see Annie with my parents and Brad and Amber at Tuacahn. It was a fabulous show!

September 24

Yum! I was lucky enough to convince everyone in stuffing our faces with Cafe Rio before leaving. After our meal, Presley gave me a big hug around my neck, then one around my growing belly and then matter-of-factly told me I was fat, fat like Gus-Gus (the fat little new-comer mouse on Cinderella...). I guess kids just say it like it is...

September 23

Tara (with the help of others...) threw me a small surprise baby shower. Thanks!!! It was great to see my UT friends and enjoy the wonderful desserts that PF Changs has to offer :) Pretty sure the boys had a good time too!

September 22

It's definitely fall in Utah! The colors are SO beautiful.

September 21

I'm not sure Truman was too excited about flying...

September 20

I loved this old wood texture. I was photographing at the Heber old square area of town today.

September 19

The skies were NOT friendly today...

September 18

Best wedding ever!!! Jill and Jonathan were gorgeous!

p.s. Happy birthday Kristin!!!

September 17

Holy huge mountain of baby stuff, Batman!

September 16

New fall setting.

September 15

'Millions of peaches, peaches for me!'
I've been devouring these delicious SC peaches for weeks and I just bought another bushel :)

September 14

Can you say YUM! Angie made this trifle for FHE. Pound cake, chocolate pudding, cool whip topped with heath bar and chocolate bar bits. SO good!

September 13

This is going to be fun!!!

September 12

New read. Thanks Kim!

September 11

Adorable! Grandma picked these cuties up at Swiss Days for the boys. They are going to love them.

September 10

Mmm! Peach pound cake (tastes pretty much like Nanny's pound cake with peaches in it) with whipped cream. Thanks for the recipe Tara :)

p.s. Happy birthday Kim!!!

September 9

The new addition. With two boys on the way, we needed a bit more room...

September 8

Dear Can-of-Air,
How do I love thee... Let me count the ways!

September 7

You say 'free' and everybody comes running! Um, including us... :)

September 6

'Happy birthday to US'. In Matt's fam, the boys birthdays are in March and the girls celebrate in September. Bring on the cake!

September 5

Game-day party! Lots of food friends and football. Good job Cougars!

September 4

My gal pals took me to the outlets in Gaffney, SC for a fab birthday excursion. We hit all the great stores, grabbed some delicious peaches from a farm stand and ate a tasty lunch at Panera Bread. Thanks girls!!!

September 3

Beautiful job on this kitchen 'reno' Andrea!

September 2

Today I was kidnapped and 'tortured' (you could also substitute 'pampered' here too...).

September 1

Matt's OG 36 horses.

August 31

We got this crib from a friend (buying 2 of everything is expensive, so we're into 'previously loved' products). It has a little floral embellishment on it, but I think we can definitely use it for a boy. Now we just need another :)