June 29

Up close and personal. (No telephoto here...)

June 28

Ouchie! Stella took a little tumble down my hard wood stairs. Check out those two huge goose eggs right on her forehead. Feel better!!

June 27

Colorful summer dinner. Yum!

June 26

Poor Presley has a paralyzing fear of the sand. She'll dig in it, but won't step foot on it. Hopefully she can get over this, we all LOVE the beach.

June 25

Stella's first trip to the beach.

June 24

Presley loves the pool :)

June 23

Jellyfish dance.

June 22


June 21

Holiday weekend. Father's Day, Sylvia's birthday and our anniversary.

June 20

Game Face.

June 19

Another rain delay! If you want to know where it's raining, just look where the NASCAR Truck Series is that week...

June 18

Alex is SO excited about our visit to WI.

June 17

The best part about the Charlotte Airport.

June 16

Not feeling so good today. All I did was watch TV.

June 15

I spent the day in the kitchen (photographing them...). This was my favorite.

June 14

Matt's Aunt Barbara and Uncle Lonnie came for a visit and a BBQ tour of North Carolina. We began the tour at Lancaster's, one of my local favorites, fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs!

June 13

Cleaning day.

June 12

Happy birthday Bruce!
(ok, I make cakes, but this one was off the charts!! It's from Tizzerts in Charlotte. SO yummy!)

June 11

Will's a little apprehensive about his new 'do'.

June 10

Oh, Sprint, why to you have to make everything SO difficult. I think I've been to the Sprint store about 27 times in the last 3 days.

June 9

Matt got this shirt at last week's race... One of his drivers drove a cup race for the Extenze racing team (yes, that is Extenze, as in the male enhancement product...). The front says 'Extenze Racing'. Good thing it's an XL and Matt won't wear it.

June 8

Sweet indulgence.

June 7

I mowed the lawn today, front and back (we have almost a half an acre!). I think I'll be more appreciative when you do it honey!! :)

June 6

Mmmm... cookies.

June 5

We had a visitor in the garage. He was only about and inch long.

June 4

Serious craving! Minestrone soup and breadsticks never tasted better.

June 3

SO ready for a new phone, this one's just about had it.

June 2

All you need for the perfect summer day.
- a good read
- sunscreen, say no to sunburn!
- sunglasses
- snacks
- something cold to drink

June 1

Perfect evening to spend out on the deck reading a book.