October 31

Happy Halloween!
Here are our little trick-or-treaters.  Audrey - Cinderella, Jonas & Elliott - bats, Will - Iron Man.
Kristin is amazing and sewed both Audrey and Will's costumes.  The boys did a great job trick-or-treating.  We went to about 15 houses in Tom and Sylvia's neighborhood.  Just enough to get me a nice stash of chocolate :)

October 30

Halloween Shrimp Boil
Leslie & Richard threw a GREAT Halloween party!  Matt's still in Talladega, so I brought the boys as my date.  They were a hit at the party.  I had them dressed up as skeletons this time.  The food was amazing and the company was even better.  Thanks!!

October 29

I planned a Halloween mini photo session shoot at the park today.  I had the boys with me, so I just st up the pack-n-play for them next to be while i shot the photos.  I think they had a fun time hanging out at the park.  I think they liked the change of scenery :)  Ooo...  I got their photos taken in their costumes too.  They did great!!

October 28

I LOVE Fall in North Carolina!  The weather is perfect (warm during the day, but cools off and night).  And the colors are AMAZING!

October 27

Tonight was our ward's Trunk-or-Treat.  I wanted to get as much use as I could out of the boys costumes, so I dressed them up and showed them off :)  It was a little late for them so their excitement level wasn't the level it could have been.  They were a hit at the party and I got some delicious candy to munch on.

October 26

Quite a few people had been mentioning that Elliotts har was looking a little scraggly and long, so I decided to give him a hair cut today.  I was a little nervous because my haircutting  skills are bussing Matt's hair with the clippers.  So, the technique I used was to style his hair first then cut.  I was only planning on triming the top, but after i did that the sides were just a bit too long,  so I grabbed the clippers and trimmed up the sides and back too.  This isn't the best photo, but I think I did a pretty good job.

He looks so big with his hair cut...

October 25

Coconut M&Ms...  Oh yum!  
People had been telling me about these (Tara...), but I had yet to see them around, but today as I checked out at the grocery store I saw them sitting there on the shelf.  So, I grabbed a pack and devoured the immediately.  And yes, they were amazing!  I need to go get some more.

October 24

Patrick, Kristin, Will & Audrey.
We are going to miss you guys!!

October 23

Here's Matt hard at work.  Martinsville was the first (and most likely only) race I got to go to this year.  During the race, Matt is in charge of all the engineering stuff and he's one of the tire carriers during the pitstops.  He tells me there is more to in than you might think...  You have to roll it out just so and a certain part has to be facing up when it reaches the car.  Hmm...  Kyle didn't win the race, but I had a great time hanging out with my hubby at the track.

p.s.  Happy birthday Tara!

October 22

I had purchased this ride-on toy at a consignment sale a few weeks ago, but it wasn't til today that I realized that the seat split apart and it becase a walker-toy too!  Elliott is showing me the proper way to play with this toy.  Both boys love walking around with it.

October 21

Tara, Presley and Stella sent us some of their old toys that they didn't play with anymore.  The boys are most excited about the toys that light up and make noise, but I have always loved these Cheerio books.

Thank you so much for the toys!!!

October 20

Please excuse the photo...  It's out of focus and wiggley, but I had to show off Jonas's chompers!  Check those two front teeth out.  Jonas = 2, Elliot = 0.

October 19

Grrr...!  Traffic!  I love taking photos, but the I-77 morning traffic is TERRIBLE!  It took me over 2 hours to get to my school in Charlotte.  Needless to say I was late, but I still got all the photos done on time, woa!

October 18

Finally, I'm getting back into books!  I haven't read a single book since the boys arrival into our family.  Tara sent me the Hunger Games books and I was so book deprived that I read the book in 2 sittings!!  Where's the next one!

October 17

Today was the Hymas family's last meal at Joel's.  Sad :(  I still can't believe they are moving back to Utah.  We will miss you all TONS!!  My poor boys won't know any of their cousins now.

October 16

And...  Here's another home decor project.  Drapes for the dining room.  Pretty :)

October 15

Yes, finally...  Here is the 'after' photo of our family room transformation.  I had gotten the bookcases and TV stand for my birthday.  I am still working on a few of the decorations and need to buy some taper candles, but it's good enough for a photo.

October 14

Kyle Busch Motorsports had it's Open House today.  I took the boys to go check out the shop and see where daddy spends his days (well, the ones he spends in Mooresville...).  Here we all are with Kyle.  Matt likes to think that Elliott was snuggling up to Kyle, but I think he was just looking at the floor.  Hahaha.

p.s.  Kyle is my little brothers age...  Sheesh!  You know you are getting old when your boss is several (um.. 6) years younger than you.

October 13

Fall is definitely in the air!  I LOVE the fall here in NC.  The weather is perfect and the colors are amazing!

October 12

Oh my!  These 'Boys & Bears' shoots are getting very rowdy!  I hope the bears (and my sanity...) can make it to the end (almost there!!!).

October 11

The sole of my shoe came unattached today while i was shooting at a preschool.  I think it's because i crouch down and balance on the ball of my foot so often while I'm taking pictures.  Oh well, I guess I just have to get some new shoes (I think I've had these ones for a VERY long time anyway, like maybe 10 years!).

October 10

Jonas can now walk on his knees.  It's hilarious to watch.  The wood floor is a nice place because he can slid his knees easier than on the carpet.

October 9

This morning we woke up extra early to join the Cook family and walk with 'Cody's Crusaders' at the Walk Now For Autism Speaks.  Here's our team ready to go!

October 8

I LOVE playing with my boys.  They love it when either me or Matt lay on the floor and let them climb all over us.

October 7

I think Elliott is a perfect little replica of his daddy.  Here he is playing 'drums' on daddy's head.

October 6

Will is practicing his 'scary face' for me.

October 5

Another walk.  And a beautiful sky.

October 4

Ahhh...  The weather has been awesome!  I've been taking evening walks around the neighborhood with the boys.  And, I'm getting to know some of the neighbors on the other end of the street.  :)

October 3

Conference Sunday with the Jimenez family = delicious and fun.

October 2

Jonas LOVES playing with the remotes.  He loves pressing all the buttons.  Oh, yeah...  and buying things.  Matt gave him the xBox controller to play with and he ended up purchasing xbox live gold membership for almost $90!!!  MAtt didn't notice this til later when he checked his email.  Luckily, after a very long phone call we were able to get the charges reversed.

October 1

One of our favorite places.  Yum...  The boys even did great!