July 30

Gotta love friends and family time at the Gap. I purchased lots of maternity clothes, hopefully I won't need too many more pieces... Too bad we won't find out 'til next week what the babies are!

p.s. Happy birthday Brad!

July 29

These mushrooms are funny for several reasons... First, they look like boobs growing out of the ground. Second, they were the size of my hand streched out (whole hand here, fingers and palm!) I've never seen mushrooms this size, outside of the grocery store. And third, they sat there growing undisturbed in the middle of one of Charlotte's busiest parks!

July 28

My new trick! This is REALLY embarrassing, but I guess it will only get worse.

July 27

I met the height requirement, but you can't have 3 riding in one go-kart.

July 26

Decor, or food?

July 25

Quite possibly the worst movie ever made...

July 24

I LOVE the crepe myrtle that grows here! Just as everything starts to die in the heat of the summer, you get the bright fuschias, lavenders and whites of the myrtle blossoms.

July 23

Mmm, fresh made guacamole! Could anything else be better (besides the queso also served here).

July 22

A whole new meaning to 'the cat's in the bag'... I could brush this much hair off Sparco everyday! He is the hairiest cat I've ever seen! Better in the bag than all over the house.

July 21

After the guy at the store refused to install my invisibleSHIELD on my phone (they are supposed too...), I had to do it myself. And, I think I did a darn good job.

July 20

I love old brick, it has such great character.

July 19

Will's Transformers themed birthday party sure brought a lot of loot for the little guy! Happy birthday Will!

July 18

The perfect summer Saturday.

July 17

Good, but a little slow.

July 16


July 15

Sparco will make a 'bed' out of anything you leave lying around. This time it's my light reflector.

July 14

I'm trying to hold off going to the grocery store til next week, but I still had everything to whip up a nice chicken parmesan.

July 13

This is AFTER the fire had died down... No, this is not my grill, we were at a friends house. I guess Angie did want her steak well-done :)

July 12

Wow, the HOA actually put up our street lights. And the truly crazy thing is that they work!

July 11

My date tonight.

July 10

We tried a local restaurant that we haven't eaten at before, and it was YUMMY.

July 9

New read. Yes, Tara, I'm only on number 6...

July 8


July 7

Matt's new team.

July 6

Inside the Pilates studio.

July 5

Not much attention is ever given this guy, until he acts up! Luckily, we were able to get things under control without the help of a professional.

July 4

Happy birthday America! Here's your cake.

July 3

Our local YMCA puts on a fab 4th of July celebration! Food, friends and fireworks :)

July 2

Can't help but think of Becka when we eat here. All those free punches :)

July 1

It's THAT time of year, where water/rain is scarce and temperatures are high.

June 30

Don't cry (laughing) over spilled salt. The bottom fell out of this salt shaker during a dinner out with friends.