May 31

Matt's new car.
(I wonder how many post's I've done with that particular caption... too many, I think...)

May 30

Finally! After about a week of rainy cloudy weather we get to see the sun and the blue sky.

May 29

Fun girls-day-out complete with lunch and shopping.

May 28


May 27

Today I had a date with the washer and dryer.

May 25

Home-made, everything! And it was yummy!

May 26

Pico de gallo.

May 24

I LOVE to cook, but I could definitely do without the clean up part. Thank goodness for dishwashers.

May 23

Pool time.

May 22

Swimming with my nephew, Will. He loves to splash.

May 21

Step up (safely...).

May 20

New read.

May 19

One of the best inventions ever.

May 18

Spring setting.

May 17

In the money. Even if it's only for a few minutes.

May 16


May 15


May 14

Hubby's home.

May 13

Home again.

May 12

Surprise for Matt.

May 11

My old 'hood. I had to stop in and get a Slurpee. Yum!

May 10

Stella's birthday cake.

May 9

Intrigued by the camera.

May 8

Have to get a little Cafe Rio fix while in UT.

May 7

Mmm, best hot dog ever.

May 6

Birds eye view.

May 5

Getting all the gear together to go to UT.

May 4

Sweet treats for hubbies and sugar free gummy bears for wives.

May 3

Maiden name.

May 2

Ready to pounce.

May 1

To buy, or not to buy...

April 30

Yummy addiction.

April 29

Who doesn't love Paula? Mmm... butter!

April 28

New tires. Finally!