Feb 28

It's been raining for 2 days.

Feb 27

We had a visitor today. This is Oliver. Sparco was not such a big fan...

Feb 26

Twice in one week. Crazy!

Feb 25

Getting all the ducks in a row.

Feb 24


Feb 23

Test drive.

Feb 22


Feb 21

Signs of spring.

Feb 20

Charlotte's new hot ticket.

Feb 19

So glad to have a Super near by.

Feb 18


Feb 17

Getting organized. Thanks, Barbara.

Feb 16

All caught up.

Feb 15

Gotta love girlfriends and banana splits.

Feb 14

V-day. Great choice, and totally kept it a secret. I love you, honey.

Feb 13

The calm before the storm...

Feb 12

Touring the place. Love the colors.

Feb 11

Even though the accomodations were a bit dodgey, the view was great. Something about the ocean just soothes my soul.

Feb 10

Ready to go.

Feb 9


Feb 8

We closed on our house exactly one year ago today. It's crazy how time flies!

Feb 7

Happy birthday Gregg! I was thinking about you today.

Feb 6

Make-over day.

Feb 5

This is how I spent my day...

Feb 4

Snow, again.

Feb 3

Hard worker.
I use my mixer tons and just wanted to give him a little shout out. (sometimes I do wish he was the bigger size though...)

Feb 2

This looks like a healthy breakfast, right?

Feb 1

The big game.
I love the contrast of the men's faces verses the women's faces in this photo. Sorry you didn't win the money Phil, better luck next time.