January 31

Loving Jonas' big smile :)

January 30

Tax time... again.

January 29

Yesterday's beautiful weather was too good to last. The flakes are beginning to fall.

January 28

The boys first trip to a restaurant. Of course it had to be the Olive Garden :) Gigi met up with us for some lunch and a few errands. (The weather was awesome today, I think it was over 60!).

January 27

A moment with Elliott.

January 26

Trying out the bumbo for the first time.

January 25

You probably can't tell from the picture, but the wind is CRAZY today! I think wind is my least favorite natural element (including snow and ice and cold).

January 24

Mmm... Black bottom cupcakes...

January 23

Art from Presley. I must say that she did an awesome job capturing Jonas' and Elliott's likenesses.

January 22

Will's showing me the new 'big boy' bed he wants to get from Ikea.

January 21

Another girls-night-out card making party.

January 20

Cute little shoes.

January 19

We moved the boys upstairs to sleep in their room instead of ours. Wish us luck!

January 18

Ah! The life of a cat...

January 17

Onions make me cry. I've fallen in love with my recently sharpened knives all over again!

January 16

Hanging out with Elliott.

January 15

So, today we went out on out FIRST EVER outing! And guess who we ran into at the Carter's store... Will and Audrey just LOVE the boys. Kristin thanks me for having 2 so that BOTH of her children have a cousin to play with. Your welcome :)

January 14

Check out these leg wrinkles! Love them :)

January 13

Hanging out with Jonas

January 12

Mom made these awesome covers for the carseats! Thanks Mom, you rock!

January 11

I just sent out the boys birth announcement. I feel SO accomplished!

January 10

The boys HATE baths, but I just LOVE Elliott's bottom lip.

January 9

I just LOVE the name of this little boutique. They sell lingerie and under-things.

January 8

Jonas thinks Elliott's hand is the coolest thing ever and Elliott is off in la la land.

January 7

Fun photos :)

January 6

Cute Etsy.com print from Kristin to the boys. Thanks :)

January 5

Gigi & Papa up for a visit.

January 4

Another project.

January 3

Worried, but cozy.

January 2

Jonas gets a weight check.
(Umm... yes, that IS my kitchen scale and a mixing bowl)

January 1

New Year's Breakfast: A Simons Tradition