July 31

Uh-oh...  Jonas has now learned how to pull himself up to standing.  This will open up a whole new realm of potential bumps and bruises.

July 30

Today was the boys first ride in the seat of the shopping cart.  They did very well!  Now I gues we'll have to only shop at Costco because they have the double seater.

p.s.  Happy birthday Brad!!!

July 29

Look who's turned into a super great crawler!

July 28

I was reading a friends food blog today and couldn't help but make the featured dish for dinner.  This is an orzo pasta salad with tons of veggies and feta cheese tossed in a lemon vinigrette.  I took a few liberties with the ingredient list, but stayed on track for the most part.  This will now be a staple in my home several times per month.  Yum, yum!

July 27

Jonas is using his feet to shield his face from the 'mom'orazzi  :)

July 26

Will had his first 'friend' birthday party this year.  Luckily, family was also invited.  Happy 4th birthday Will!!

July 25

Ganging up on daddy!

July 24

Sleepy Elliott.  He's just to tired to crawl anymore.  He's been playing all day at Kim's house.  First, I took some family photos of Kim's new family of 4, then I went to go have a hot stone massage.  The massage was wonderful!  The perfect treat to sore mommy muscles.  Thanks, Kim, for the fabulous treat and watching my boys!  I know you will enjoy your photos!

July 23

The boys are starting to realize that each other exsist and interact with each other.  It's SO cute :)

July 22

This is the first giant cookie-cake I've made.  It's a 16 inch chocolate chip cookie.  Yum!!

July 21

Gigi came to stay with us for a few days!  We are SO excited to have a couple extra hands :)

July 20

Seriously?!?!?!  How on earth did I get strep throat!?  It was like pulling teeth to get in to see a doctor (because I was 99.9% sure of my self diagnosis).  I have yet to set up a family physician for me and Matt... oops...  The boys pediatrician refused to treat me because I'm over 18, my OB refused to treat me because I would be a hazard to their other patients while I was hanging out in the waiting area and the family doc I called couldn't see me for another week and a half because I needed to have a 'new patient' visit.  So, I had to spend 3 times as much money to go to the Minute Clinic and argue with the PA because she was 99.9% sure I did not have strep.  Turns out I did.  She wrote me a prescription, I picked it up, went home and gargled some of this vile tasting gunk (which really helps though...) and am now going to bed hoping to feel better in the morning.

July 19

We ate dinner at Outback tonight and Matt wanted to see if the boys would like lemons.  Turns out they did :)

July 18

Getting silly with my boys before we head off to church.

July 17

There was a huge storm that came through our area today.  I was at lunch with a friend when it did, but when I got home the power was out and I couldn't open my garage door.  And when I got inside all the smoke detectors were going off.  Later, the power came back on, but my computer and most of our electronics did not...

July 16

Yay!  I finally got my hands on the Pritchett twins for some photos.  Go to my website to check out all their cute photos.

July 15

I spent the evening pulling weeds out of my front yard.  Eeek!  There were SO many!

July 14

To satisfy my Cafe Rio craving while trying to stay healthy, I made some pico and Creamy Tomatillo Dressing (with light mayo and low fat sour cream...) and ate it over green leaf lettuce.  Craving = curbed.  For the time being...

July 13

Lunch at Field of Greens with Kristin and her gang.  I LOVE that Audrey always has a smile for me :)

July 12

Pretty salad fixin's.  Yum, yum!!  I should have gotten some purple cabbage or a purple onion too.  Oh well...

July 11

Ok, time to kick the healthy eating back into gear.
(no more chocolate cake for a while...)

July 10

Time for a car wash.  There were a lot of bug fatalities on the way to and coming home from Florida.

July 9

Practice, practice, practice...
The boys are almost sitting up on their own.  Elliott can sit up for about 20 seconds or so by himself.

July 8

I'm so happy that Jonas is loving his veggies!

July 7

On again...  Off again.  Matt's making good progress on his Karman Ghia project.

July 6

The boys got some new shoes.  Matt is totally excited about these!

July 5

Ah...  the beach!
(need I say more???)

July 4

Happy birthday America!
Matt's uncle's brother throws a huge Fourth of July party each year with TONS of food, music, family and ends it all with a nice home-grown fireworks show.

July 3

I got to see a really good friend of mine while we were down in Florida too.  This is Shannon and her twins Asher and Cora (who are about to turn 1).

July 2

We drove down to Florida today so the boys could finally meet some more family.  This is Nanny (Matt's mom's mom) oogling over Elliott.  I LOVE this photo!

July 1

Ok, yes... it's another cake.  This is the only picture I took today.  Sorry for the cake overload!