July 20

Seriously?!?!?!  How on earth did I get strep throat!?  It was like pulling teeth to get in to see a doctor (because I was 99.9% sure of my self diagnosis).  I have yet to set up a family physician for me and Matt... oops...  The boys pediatrician refused to treat me because I'm over 18, my OB refused to treat me because I would be a hazard to their other patients while I was hanging out in the waiting area and the family doc I called couldn't see me for another week and a half because I needed to have a 'new patient' visit.  So, I had to spend 3 times as much money to go to the Minute Clinic and argue with the PA because she was 99.9% sure I did not have strep.  Turns out I did.  She wrote me a prescription, I picked it up, went home and gargled some of this vile tasting gunk (which really helps though...) and am now going to bed hoping to feel better in the morning.

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